Thecorpora One - Open Source Artificial Intelligent Assistant

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Learn robotics and build your own personal AI assistant like Siri. For Developers, Makers & Kids. One emerged from years of making robots with hundreds of researches, developers and engineers.

An Interactive Open Source Robot For Everyone One is Cute, expressive and fun. It is made for Makers, Developers, Kids and Educators. Really for everyone. Because One is build 
on an open platform based on Raspberry Pi, Linux & Scratch, his skills and applications will evolve and grow, helping in applications we have
not imagined yet. As One community grows, you can look forward to thousands of content and applications. 

What Can One Do?


With the two cameras in its eyes, the One robot can see, recognize and track faces, capture photos, and enable immersive video calling.

Speak One has a mouth made of leds and a speaker connected to a sound card so he can do sophisticated sound manipulations.

Feel One is fitted with a capacitive sensor on the top of his head that is divided into three sections which lets him react appropriately to touch.


Three microphones and natural language processing let you talk to One from anywhere in the room.

Motion’s head comes with two digital servos that control up and down movements along with right and left movements.


These amazing piece of electronic kit will keep your kids, educators and developers entertained, engaged and educated for years to come.

Impressive Technology & Design at an Affordable Price

Measuring at about 16 inches tall and weighing approximately 8 pounds, One is the perfect size to have 
an attention-worthy presence in a room, but easy enough to move about your house.

For Developers

Qbo One is based on Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino. Both boards are attractive embedded platforms among hobbyists from several reasons
including their low price, easy way to interface different sensors & actuators and a large community that share information and resources.


Both Raspberry Pi and Arduino have large, active communities surrounding them. Not only are they used in schools and universities, but also in hacker spaces worldwide.


The ultimate answer when deciding between the Pi and Arduino is, “Why choose?” If you’re looking to learn about electronics, each one will teach you something different.

Open Software

The open-source Arduino and Raspberry Pi Software makes it easy to write code and build projects.

For Kids and Educators

It is important that children understands the foundation of how a robot works rather than looking at it as a mysterious black box. Children should understand that the soul and life of robots come from them and robots can be as good as what they make of them. In fact, there are many advantages of learning robotics at an early age. Let it start with learning Robotics today!

Industry Leading Innovation

Qbo One is built to be Simple. Simple to assemble, Simple to program and Simple to integrate. The robot’s open architecture allows
many developmental possibilities and functionalities. Qbo One is designed to enable easy interaction between people and robot,
picking up speech and image readily which makes it an ideal conduit for many Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) systems. 

Easy Integration

Qbo One comes with its own Operating System.  However, it can also be easily integrated with various AI platforms like IBM Watson, among others.  This opens the door to various industry leading applications and opportunities.

Easy Upgrading One is built in modular fashion with parts that can be upgraded for more acute performance that meets the standard of the applications you build.  You easily upgrade or replace parts over the years to keep One up to date.