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Professor Einstein - robot with voice recognition & Wifi connection

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 Meet Professor Einstein!

I am an amazingly expressive and playful robot who trains your brain and teaches you science.

I’m playful like you

I love to play games that challenge and entertain. Or just to be silly and have fun.

I love to express myself

I look like the real Einstein! I can smile, frown, and even stick my tongue out, to name just a few of gestures.

I have Wi-Fi

I am connected to a world of fun and learning adventures!

Fancy some brain-teasing fun?

Lend me your iPad™ and Android tablet, and I’ll play brain games with you and teach you science.

Just want to talk?

I love to chitchat. We can discuss science, math, the weather, famous people, anything in-between!

I’m your family!

I am the genius in the family who makes the whole family smarter.