| Coming Soon | LOOMO - Mini Transporter Meets Robot Sidekick

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Your Mobile Robot Sidekick & Mini Personal Transporter

Self-Balancing Transporter

Smooth, self-balancing ride experience across most terrains. Easily travel 22 miles in one charge

Auto Follow Expert

With advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more.

Friendly & Expressive Robot

Lovable personality and expressions will cheer you up and impress everyone around you.


Speak, explore, interact, and experience as if you are Loomo.*

*Disclaimer: Same wireless network connection is required.

Unlock Over-the-Air (OTA)

Loomo will continuously update its software and app to include new features to impress and surprise you.

Free Loomo Android SDK

Directly access Loomo’s mobility and AI capabilities to build a range of playful features or practical solutions.