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Smart Home

Smart home hub service: able to control electronics by setting self-learning capabilities.

Self-learning Power Management System

Managing electronics by registering self-learning options on home devices.

Locating and Controlling Electronics

Controlling electronics in various settings. - IR, WiFi, Bluetooth 

CustomUser Support

Various scenario commands possible according to user's needs.

Auto Charging

Auto Charging by returning to the home station when power is low.

Auto Drive

Auto driving based on a set route by user & obstacle/fall detection and avoidance.

Wakeup Call

Calling iJINI towards the user with sound direction detection technology.

Uninterrupted Voice Recognition

Uninterrupted voice recognition from a distance.

Smart Dialogue

Smart dialogue with by recognizing the intention of the speaker then responding with an appropriate reply.


Lifestyle information such as weather, news or recipes.

Image Recognition

User’s face and motion recognition.

Remote Control

Remote controlling media, class and Ropp.


Schedule and alarm reminders at the place and time set by the user.


Video/regular call & messaging through the voice interface.

Emotion System

Variety of emotional expression based on user’s touch patterns.


Playing song and storytelling for kids and a variety of multimedia.


SIZE - Robot 224(W)*226(H)*273(D)

WEIGHT - 2.1kg

BATTERY - Working 6Hours

SENSORS - 1 Humidity+Temp, Sensor 1 Illuminance sensor, 3 Position Sensitive Device (Obstacles Detection, Drop Detection)

EMOTIONAL DISPLAY - 5 Touch Sensor, 4 inch Screen(Robot eyes), LED * 6

MOTION - Leg 40°, Head Pitch 60°, Head Roll +/-90°

SOUND - 2 Speakers


CONNECTIVITY - WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, IR

SPEED - 360mm/s