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Cruzr Is Customized, Cloud-Based, Intelligent
Humanoid Service Robot

Cruzr is a cloud-based intelligent humanoid robot that provides a new generation with service applications
for a variety of industries and domestic environments.

Flexible Arms

Cruzr has flexible arms and can provide users with rich body language.

Natural Interaction

With 17 servos, Cruzr moves like a human. With its
Four-Layer Protection System Cruzr is capable of shaking hands, greeting visitors, moving around, dancing and hugging.

360º Movement

Cruzr uses abrasion resistant and quiet omni-directional wheels to move smoothly and stable while being able to turn in any direction instantly.

Proprietary SLAM Technology

U-SLAM is an abbreviation of UBTECH SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping),
which uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles.

Multimodal Interaction

Cruzr with "multimodal interaction" integrates various interaction modes.
The multi-modal synergies and coordination make the interaction more
fluid and more humanlike, which greatly enhances the user experience.

Facial Recognition

98% high recognition rate. It identifies faces in milliseconds. Cruzr is an open source platform which lets you implement 3rd party resources for emotion detection, gender, age, ethnicity recognition, etc.

U-Meeting Video Call System

U-Meeting provides voice and video functions that supports cloud computing and uses a high-definition audio and video to ensure smooth transmission.
It also provides video conferencing and video-based customer service.

Big Data Analysis and Management

Cruzr can offer an end-to-end value chain management service for data in terms of data acquisition, storage, and analysis.
It makes the analysis process more intelligent, and companies can discover effective information from the massive data to obtain better business value.

Mobile Surveillance Camera

Real-time monitoring of the region, regulatory service quality and site safety, equipped with an infrared camera that allows it to work at night.

Centralized Control System

The multi-machine centralized control system can carry out functions such as managing maps, real-time motion control, and video playback which are useful for scenarios such as mobile patrol, advertising services, and security monitoring. Cruzr can support independent patrol and command-controlled patrol. A new security patrol format is now possible with the man-machine collaboration between Cruzr and security personnel.

Customizable Service

Based on the open SDK interfaces for body movements, base actions, expressions, speech, lighting, and facial recognition that are offered
in the Cruzr's robot platform, companies can customize their own products according to their own specific application
scenarios. This further expands the depth and breadth of applications for Cruzr.

Automatic Docking and Recharging

Cruzr's battery provides 5-8 hours of active use (24 hr standby). When its battery is low, Cruzr will automatically return to its self-charging dock. In the unlikely scenario of a battery failure, the customer will know the last known location. However, the chances of this happening are very slim since Cruzr will return to its self-charging dock.


Size: 1195(H)*521(W)*516(D)mm
Weight: 45KG
Color: White + Silver
Materials: Plastics, Metal
Battery: 20Ah 24V
Screen: 11.6-inch touchscreen
Camera: 13MP HD Photo, 1080p Video
Speaker: Two-channel stereo, Unit: 3 inch*2; Output power: 6W*2
Sensors: 6+0 MIC array in head

1 Depth-perception camera in a waist
1 Lidar, 6 Sonar sensors, 12 IR sensors, 9-axis IMU in chassis

DoF: 1 DoF head5*2 DoF (L/R) arms
1*2 DoF (L/R) hands
1 DoF waist
3 Omni-wheels
OS: Android & ROS
Velocity: Normal speed: 0.3m/s; Highest speed: 1m/s
Networking: Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
Accessories: 1 Recharging dock, 1 power adapter, 1 user manual